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$500 Cash Prize Duotournament


Tournament Date:  Saturday Feb 29th, 2020

Start Time:  4:00pm (EST)

Prize Pool:  $1000.00 USD

Cost Per Team:  $10.00 USD   or

                            Free Entry for Qualifier Winners

Purchase Entry: Pay via PayPal

Number of Teams:  99

Format:  Solo Arena Mode

Sponsored By:  Matrix League


Prize Payouts

    1st Place = $500.00

    2nd Place = $250.00

    3rd Place = $125.00
    4th Place = $75.00
5th Place = $50.00


Tournament Details: The tournament will be played in Solo Arena mode in Fortnite. All teams will queue into a custom match each round. There will be a total of 6 games played during the tournament. 

Everything will be coordinated in the AWG Discord Server. You must join the server in order to participate in a tournament.

Servers: 6 games total
                     2 na east

                      2 na west

                       2 Eu

Prize Payouts: Prizes will be determined by a point system. The point system will be exactly the same as Fortnite's in-game tournaments in Arena mode. teams will receive points for placement and kills.

The top 5 teams with the most points will receive a cash prize payout. There is no minimum number of players required for the tournament to be played.


Complete Rules: View Rules

How To Enter:

Entering an AWG Tournament is easy. There are three ways to enter the next $500 Cash Tournament.

Option 1: Win a Qualifier

   > We host weekly qualifier tournaments (free to enter for Twitch Subscribers). If you win any of  the qualifier tournaments, you get a FREE ENTRY into the $500 Tournament. Click Here to join the next $500 Qualifier Tournament.

Option 2: Pay Entry
   > You can pay a $10.00 entry fee to reserve your team's spot in the next tournament. Payments can be made using PayPal directly or a donation through Streamlabs.


Option 3: Donate Bits on Twitch

   > You can donate 1,000 bits on Twitch to enter the tournament. If you have been watching those free ads on Twitch, you can donate them to AWG's stream here: http://twitch.tv/AllWorldGaming


You can use the links below to enter:


After you have completed your payment or subscribed to AWG on Twitch, you need to join the AWG Discord and direct message any of the Admins or Moderators. They will send you the sign-up form for this week's tournament. Remember: All tournament communications are done through the AWG Discord server, so you must be in the server to participate.